well, hi.

It’s Friday afternoon, heck, it might be evening by now. I’ve been at the computer aaaaaaalllll afternoon, learning WordPress, cutting, copying, pasting, uploading, editing, deleting, starting over. My people are not super excited about the Mama At The Computer Situation. Our television screen doubles as our computer screen, and I am *totally* monopolizing things over here.

I typed MOMOPOLIZING first. Accurate and funny.

My youngest two are scooping popcorn kernels from the big bag into a storage container. We go through a 50 pound bag of popcorn about every six months. Once we got a Whirly-Pop, it was all over. Little coconut oil, a cup of popcorn, lots of salt, and even some butter if you’re feeling fancy. We LOVE popcorn so much that it’s pretty much an every day thing.

Now they are clamoring for Real Food. Tonight it’s polenta with pesto that I made this summer and kept fresh in the freezer. The picky one will have some boring ziti with home-canned red sauce. And afterward we’ll settle down with some popcorn, a movie, and smother ourselves in quilts. I’ll be the one in the corner of the sofa finishing up the mate to a lonely black fingerless mitt.

black wristwarmers