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what i’m making monday

My number three babe turned seven in November, and thanks to the Christmas rush, I was completely swamped with orders, so I’m a teensy bit behind on his birthday sweater. And by “teensy bit”, I mean two.entire.months.


I just finished up knitting a slouchy sweater with a bajillion tiny cables (yes, I counted) in a fantastic new yarn by Sirdar, called Hayfield Chunky with Wool in the Hollyberry colourway. It’s a lovely bulky weight wool/acrylic blend, which makes it rather ideal for a child’s sweater. It’s not itchy, and there’s enough acrylic in there that if it gets accidentally run through the washer and dryer, the world won’t end.

(Sidenote: if you click through to look at the Hayfield, you’ll see that it’s listed for $8.99/skein. I purchased from my local yarn shop, the Dancing Goat Yarn Shop, in Warsaw, NY, for $6.95. Not only did I get to go to the yarn shop, but I got a really great deal, *and* I supported a local small business. Everybody wins.)

The pattern I’m using is “Ragman” by Heirloom Stitches. You can purchase the pattern here or on Ravelry.


slip slip knit ragman


(photo credit: slipslipknit.com)

Sadly, none of my photos are coming out even remotely like the actual colour. I promise you a lovely photo of the finished product… The little mister will think it is good fun to have a photoshoot outside, in the freezing cold, in just a sweater.