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Hi. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internets. Take a look around. I hope one of my pieces catches your eye. If you are looking for something specific, click here to let me know what you need. Chances are good that I’ve made one before.


Hi. I’m Pamela. 

just me

live in Western New York State, with my mister, our four short people, three cats and seven chickens. When I’m not knitting, I… well… No, I’m pretty much always knitting. While I knit, I do a variety of other things, like homeschool my people and drink coffee. I drink a lot of coffee.

jack and mama bw

And sometimes, when I’m feeling especially full of it, I make up ridiculous new lyrics to whichever song happens to be in my head at the moment. The Mister loves it when I stop.

people and me

Take a peek around. I hope you like what you see. I really do love making new things, so if there’s something you are shopping for that’s not listed, let me know.

Be blessed.



Thank you for visiting Revel Handmade Goodness. It is my hope that you fall in love with my pretty, useful items.


A payment of 50% is required at the time a custom order is placed in order to begin work.
When your payment is received, we will let you know the week you can expect your handmade item to be finished.
The remaining 50% is due upon completion of your order; your item will not be shipped until payment is received.


All items listed are ready to ship unless otherwise noted, and will be shipped via USPS.
At checkout, you may choose to purchase shipping insurance.
Please note: custom handknits require shipping insurance.


I welcome your credit and debit cards, and also accept PayPal.


If an item arrives Asus ADP-150CB AC Adapter damaged and you’ve purchased shipping insurance, I’m happy to work with you on your order.
Please understand that once I take your package to the Post Office your package is literally out of my hands.
Please use the Contact page to share any concerns you have regarding your order.
All sales are final. Any returns/exchanges are approved based on my discretion.

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