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Twice Cleansed Olive Oil Soap

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Due to poverty, refugee situations, lack of education, political instability and other unfortunate aspects of vulnerability, children in the Near East are currently in danger of being sold into the worldwide human trafficking market.

Twice Cleansed is a micro-financed initiative that exists in order to contribute to the eradication of human trafficking by preventing and reversing vulnerability in the Near East.

We are committed to using funds generated by the sale of this product to present vulnerable individuals with alternative opportunities — thus reducing and eventually eliminating their status of vulnerability. ~ Twice Cleansed

By branding marketing, distributing and selling a high-quality organic olive-oil soap produced in Lebanon, Twice Cleansed aims not only to effectively clean our customers, but also to simultaneously clean up extreme injustice and human suffering. These opportunities will be introduced through the creation and staffing of community centers in trafficking susceptible societies, and the centers will give the vulnerable population the skills to avoid being targeted for trafficking.

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The Wesleyan Church of Hamburg, in Hamburg, New York, a suburb of Buffalo, is sending two teams to Asus U56E-Bal7 AC Adapter minister to poverty-stricken residents of Beirut, Lebanon, starting June 27, 2013. A supporter of WCH’s Team Missions purchased an entire pallet of Twice Cleansed Soap directly from Twice Cleansed, and gifted it to the Team to use as a fundraising tool.

I am so excited to be a part of the team, and have volunteered this space to handle some of the fundraising for the team. Every penny taken in from the sale of the soap goes directly to the Lebanon Mission Team.

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Single bar of soap: $5
Package of 4 bars: $20.

Shipping: Up to four bars, USPS Priority Mail, $6. Up to six 4-packs, USPS Priority Mail, $13. Please use the Contact Us form to inquire about shipping rates for bulk orders.

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