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Fingerless mitts are a three-season investment. They keep your hands and wrist just the right amount of warm while leaving your fingers free to do their thing. Texting, eating jelly beans (or any finger food, really), feeding the chickens, using a tissue… There are SO MANY things you can do with fingerless mitts that you just can’t do while wearing traditional mittens or gloves.

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Knit from Cascade 220 wool yarn, your Super Handy Fingerless Mitts should be handwashed in tepid water with a tiny amount of gentle soap, and laid flat to dry. Please note, wool fiber will shrink if it is washed in hot water, in the washing machine, or put in the dryer. Please do not dry clean your handknits; the chemicals damage the fibers and are not good for you or the earth.

Price: $25. Please specify colour choice at checkout.
Shipping: $6. Combined shipping available for additional items.
Insurance and tracking available for additional cost upon request.
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